The Clockwise Story
    More than 34 years ago, I became interested in clock repair.  I visited the only large clock shop I knew of in our area and asked about an apprenticeship, but I was informed that they were no longer in a position to train.  Disappointed, I put clocks out of my mind. 
    Then in the Spring of 2000, I decided once again to try my hand at clock repair.  Getting trained locally, however, would be the greatest challenge.   I joined the NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) and then later was solicited to join the local chapter here in Nashville.  It was a couple of months later while attending one of the NAWCC monthly meetings that I met a gentleman who offered to train me if I would promise to be dedicated to the craft.  I trained with him two days a week for a year before opening my own shop in the Fall of 2002.
     What started as a hobby of sorts, has slowly over the past 15 years become a thriving business.  From my prior 30 years experience in the technical service industry, I have learned that customer service is the most important aspect of any business. 

My goals are to provide good communication, timely turnaround. and high quality service.  I will treat each clock as if it were my own.  
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